Introduction – Health is Wealth


Usually, we note that health is wealth, but never try to believe what is being. Welfare is not their condition too fatty, meaty, strong or fat. It is your state of being, literally and psychologically pleasant and able to function and work to the maximum.

A healthy food, for a wealthy mood!
A healthy food, for a wealthy mood!



Any serious type is unable to meet the position, which has the role, the joy of existence. Reichtät health is usually lying in bed makes life dull and boring. This type of person lives on the charity of others. They are in the business keeps him without the real enjoyment –

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Satisfaction function and a style of energetic life. I saw gloomy and sad people who want only a small change in length, but this joy is still denied to them because they had not applied for their health. Health is Wealthhealth-is-wealth

A healthy man takes calmly with his wife, children, and friends. He likes his light and delicious dishes and takes what you can resist. The poor lack the joy of good and certificate meals. Health is a gem and should be maintained. If the spa has been reduced without cash you can buy without an expert can retrieve it. Of the people who really require respondent diseases would be more destruction. It is cowardly to destroy themselves without difficulty, but the existence of this type of person is unbearable.

Get up early, early, sleep actually operating, conducting normal training and life a whole natural life could remain balanced and prolong life.


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