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Sneezing is the discharge of air suddenly and noisily from the lung through the nose and mouth because of small objects outside the body the nasal mucosa. It is one of the most common symptoms which happens at all ages. In fact, there are a lot of causes of sneezing, for example, allergic rhinitis due to cold weather, pollen, animal hair, smoke, mold or other irritants. Although sneezing is a simple disease, it makes the patient feel uncomfortable and can lead to dangerous complications if there is no way of sneezing treatment in time.Instead of using Western medicine with many unwanted side effects, you can try five natural home remedies for sneezing with familiar ingredients in your kitchen.

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  1. Ginger

Ginger has a hot and pungent taste so it not only warms the body and increases the flow of blood in the body but also reduces symptoms of sneezing. Peel away the layer of a ginger root, wash and slice it. Consume several fresh ginger slices twice or three times a day to treat sneezing.  If you cannot stand its hot and pungent taste, you can put those ginger slices into the water and boil for some minutes. Drink it when it is still warm to get good results.

Alternatively, you can make ginger essential oil as one of natural home remedies for sneezing. Crush fifty grams of ginger and put it into a pot. Add one liter of water and twenty grams of salt to boil for five minutes. At this time, you have ginger essential oil to use gradually. To reduce sneezing, soak your feet in lukewarm ginger water before going to bed. While soaking, you massage your soles to feel better. Doing this continuously for three days, you will find your sneezing reduces quickly.

2. Garlic

Garlic has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that can help improve the health of the sinuses. It also contains high levels of antioxidants that help protect, repair damaged cells and prevent diseases.

Boil a liter of water in the pot and then add three or four cloves of crushed fresh garlic into it. Use a towel over your head and sit in a comfortable position and inhale slowly. It is a little uncomfortable at first, but steam and essential in garlic will work due to its strong natural antibiotic properties.

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In another way, wrap two or three cloves of garlic in a silver paper to roast for about ten to fifteen seconds. Let it cool, remove the silver paper and peel the garlic cloves. Next, put it into a cup, crush with a spoon and add one or two teaspoons of water. Then, stir carefully and drink water as well as eat the garlic.

natural tips for sneezing

  1. Chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum not only acts a kind of mild sedative but also has the effect of curing sneezing. Put dried chrysanthemum flowers into a glass of boiled water at 90-95 degrees Celsius to steep for a few minutes. Add a bit honey or rock sugar for easy drinking. Simply, you can get chrysanthemum tea available at supermarkets or shops. Making a cup of chrysanthemum tea will be easier for you. When suffering from sneezing, you should maintain the habit of drinking a cup of chrysanthemum tea every day before bedtime. It will make you feel more comfortable, pleasant and have a better sleep.

  1. Bitter melon

A bitter melon, known as a bitter gourd, looks like a cucumber but it contains vitamin C five to twenty times higher than a cucumber. It is not only capable of detoxifying, brightening the eyes but also curing sneezing.

Soak five to six bitter melon leaves in water for a while. Then, squeeze juice from these leaves and add a little lukewarm water. To drink easily, you can add a bit, honey. You should consume it regularly to get results.

  1. Fruit juices

Sneezing occurs when the body’s immune system comes in contact with unfavorable environmental conditions. Maintaining the habit of drinking fruit juice will help you boost your immune system and prevent diseases.

Particularly, fruits containing vitamin C like oranges, lemons, mandarins, grapefruits and so on will be one of the most effective home remedies for sneezing due to their antibacterial properties. Thus you should drink a plenty of juices from these fruits to relieve sneezing.





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