Moroccans Mint Green Tea Health Benefits

mint green tea

Moroccans Mint Green Tea

Morocco is the capital of Rabat. The people of Morocco are known as Moroccans. Every country has some special traditions foods and beverages.  There are many studies types of research shows that green tea has many health benefits.  Green tea contains the substances which decrease the chance of many dangerous diseases like cancer diabetes and heart problems. However many teas have many benefits.

Moroccans mint green tea is a type of a green tea which gives many kinds of health benefits and more! It is also called Maghrebi mint tea. In Morocco, the mint green tea is very popular and special for the citizens. This tea is made of spearmint leaves and sugar.  This special beverage served to the guests as a sign of friendship. It is more than just a simple beverage for the citizens. This beverage served 24 hours a day and 7days in a week. This tea is served a whole day in tea bars and also during social activity. I have not just a good taste also have awesome benefits which make different from other teas. In this tea, mint is used which is a wonder herb and produce a cold sensation in the body.  It is also a good antioxidant. Mint is a great appetizer.

Drinking this mint tea is very beneficial for human health.

mint green tea


To lose weight:

Now a day no one wants to become fat because it causes many diseases. Moroccans mint green tea helps them to become slim and also helps to lose some extra fats of the body.Because it increases the metabolic rate. Through this human can reduce weight whether on diet or not.

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For digestion:

Some people eat more in dinner which they cannot digest easily so they use this tea because it uses to digest food relaxing the intestine and release the heartburn.

Protection against cancer:

Cancer is a killer disease. Proper treatment of cancer is not discovered. Mint green tea protect against cancerous cells.

Prevention of skin problems:

Consuming mint tea can cure greasy skin, spots and acne thoughts cleaning and detoxifying properties and also from allergy.

Prevent bad breath:

It can help prevent bad breath and easy a bad headache or a migraine.

Release the stress:

Through this mint tea one can feel relaxed and feel comfortable and his job easier.

mint green tea

Produce concentration:

It helps to concentrate on work and you may be able to do more work without feeling tired

The antioxidants in white and green tea may have an effect on acne, and in some cases have been shown to work as well as a 4% solution of the much more harsh benzoyl peroxide.

Cure the diseases:

Through drinking this beverage we can treat many diseases like Fever, flu, cold.

Control the cholesterol:

Cholesterol level is also controlled by this mint green tea. Through this one can live a healthy life.

Good for bones:

Consuming Moroccan Mint tea reduces the chances of osteoporosis and increase bone mineral density. It also reduces the possibilities of fractures. Teeth’s are also made of bones, therefore, this tea good for strong teeth.

Produce attention:

This tea alerts your brain and you can work more attentively.

Provide vitamins:

The mint which is used in tea provides our body many vitamins which are necessary for our body. Vitamins are important for growth.

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Control sugar level:

It is the very good product for the diabetes patients it controls sugar from the blood.

mint green tea

Quick recovery from stress:

Daily cups of tea can help you recover more quickly from the stresses of everyday life by affecting levels of the stress hormone cortisol, a new British study shows. Published in the international journal Psychopharmacology, the study found that people who drank tea were able to de-stress more quickly than those who drank a tea substitute.

Helpful for sportsmen:

Such oxidative stress has naturally been linked with fatigue and overtraining, and it has been suggested that the human body’s natural oxidant–defense system is not powerful enough to prevent the oxidative stress associated with rugged exercise. Thus, the argument goes, athletes need to accelerate their intakes of foods which are rich in antioxidants. Tea would thus be a sought after a beverage, since it may rank ahead of all others in terms of antioxidant potency. Observers of the athletic scene sometimes wonder if it is more than a coincidence that the best endurance athletes in the world the Kenyan runners sip tea throughout the day.

Oral care:

Some people have a bad smell in their mouth so they need to use this green mint tea to produce freshness in their mouth.

For pregnancy:

Mint green tea is helpful for pregnant woman’s because of pregnancy cause hypertension in woman’s, therefore, the use of tea release hypertension and they easily give the birth newborn baby. This is the tea that is safe during pregnancy.

Friendly Environment:

Many peoples welcome their guests by serving them mint green tea this is a symbol of love and prosperity and friendly environment produce.

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Improve brain function:

Green tea contains less caffeine than coffee, but just enough to give you a kickstart. It also contains amino acids which work in synergy with caffeine to improve brain function.

Some common benefits and are that people use this beverage instead of alcoholic beverages which are injurious to human health for relaxation frustration this is harmless in this there is less amount of caffeine. It is the treatment of many common diseases so through this we avoid the use of some allopathic medicine which injurious to health.It is also beneficial for the treatment of rheumatism.

We discuss many benefits of Moroccans mint green tea so now we make it part of beverage to live a healthy and happy life.


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