What Is Nurses Say About Health Is Wealth?


8 nurses crazy things seen: Health is wealth

There is no doubt that, when working in the medical field and wealth you can see a lot of strange things, after all, people with means to do with the human body dealing closely and, indeed, body functions. And probably no one knows this better than nurses. Your task is not only the patient feel comfortable and health They are also a medical expert, server, alarm, guardian, person, dietician, therapist, and consultant unofficial cleaning, all in one, which can lead to interesting situations.

We asked nurses across the country to share their wildest stories of patient care. (You want to pick healthier habits? Sign up for healthy living tips wealth, loss inspirational weight, slimming recipes,

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 Secret Stash fast food

I was in glycemic control my patient, and that was extremely high. Doctors ordered a low carb, no sugar diet, and I had seen what he had eaten all day, no one should ever walk about her have. Every day, no matter how you would your diet and controlled insulin, sugar rocket your blood. Doctors and could not understand. One day, I gave him a bath to bed wealth, and I lifted her dress. Nestled in the crevices between her legs and her stomach was fried rice and chunks of chicken wings. We determined that his son had been secretly and fast food tour.

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 Night Adventure

I worked as a nurse on a cardiac telemetry floor. It was late, and we were monitoring the human heart for the cause of your arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat). Your alarms went off at 22:30, while the visitor was in his room. See after entering the room after him, I saw at once the cause and documented, “patient involved in intimate acts.” I’ve never heard the end of it by our cardiologists.

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Tie unusual experience

I am a nurse in a dermatology clinic and patients have cosmetic work wealth. Typically, this process could be done in one visit, but he likes to interrupt his treatment over several visits and make him their friend. She said it is the time they can spend together, without being discovered by her husband!

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I worked with a gentleman from the Middle East when I’m in nursing school. He was a post-operative patient who had spinal surgery in a car accident. After talking for a bit, he told me that his family had some money he owned some horses, race cars, and also baby cheetahs. I was a little skeptical, but he showed me some videos of cheetahs with their dog and some pictures to play the horses. He went on to me how he was saying and was an amateur racer. Actually, previously poorly his back falling off a horse and had to get an operation on it. (These are the top 5 to prevent movement and relieve back pain.) Was it his second back surgery after his car into the overall race. To my surprise, he told me he wanted to run again once he recovers.



 A real flirt

It was the bedroom of an elderly patient. It was nearly 90 years, is not fully aligned, and could not move well on their own. I had been at his side so that she can wash her buttocks. Then he said: “The best ass I’ve seen all day, no” (Need to flirt flirtation 5 dissolved His biggest obsessions.)?





 It moves through the beverage

I took care of a patient who had an active social life, but had to be connected for a long time with an IV pole in the hospital and an IV. One day, while taking care of him, I went to his room to give him medicine, and found his bed empty. Think you took a walk, I arrived later. When I well beyond the time was that he needed his medication, I started other hospital staff ask me to help him find, maybe in the cafeteria or in the lobby of the hospital. An elderly man was in the lobby of a nearby waiting said he had seen a patient with a description similar to upload your IV pole in the back of a truck and go and take off. a little knowledge of all the stories of these patients have been told security guards found his friend sitting in a bar with a drink full support IV attached. He was back in charge at the hospital and back in bed while on their “out” smile.


 To Park

As nurses taught first year, one of the students was very nervous to give his first injection, even live, even if he had practiced and was approved in the laboratory. I was at her side to guide them when they throw their hand in the hips of the patient began, but she hesitates and says. “I can not” I told him he could. The second round, froze again. In the third round, when it began, said the move to a low voice, “Do it.” You made! Then we heard a low whistle. They lost completely the patient and injected the patient’s therapeutic air mattresses.


 Running Wild

I had a patient is 6 foot 300 pounds. She watched closely as they lead away from you without warning. Once he took all his clothes and ran into the room. It was documented in the nurse’s station when suddenly I see my patients completely naked to the entire unit is performed with two people behind her frantically. It took about 10 minutes and three people eventually stop!


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